How to Create a Naira Sign in CorelDraw 12

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How to insert a naira sign in CorelDraw, you’d make use of tabular format that deals with data and information. So, making use of naira symbol or sign on amounts should be or will be necessary. For Nigerian’s and other foreigners who wish to know how to create a naira sign should go through this article carefully.

We’ll show you the simple guides to create these sign of Nigeria Currency. So, don’t be in a hurry, take a careful step to get it right, and never to get worried again on how you can create a naira sign in CorelDraw program.


Steps in Creating a Naira Sign in CorelDraw

1. Load your CorelDraw Program

2. Click on Text Tool

3. Type letter N

4. Highlight or select the letter N

5. Click on Text Menu from the menu bar

6. Click on Format Text (the format text dialog box appears containing 5 menu tab at the top of it namely: Character, Paragraph, Tabs, Column and Effect)

7. On the Character tab which has already been selected (default tab), you’ll see Underline: None, strikethru: None, Overline: None, Uppercase: None and Position: None).

8. Click on the Strikethru: None and a drop down list appears to you.

9. Click on Double Thin or Double Thin Word to strikethrough.

Hope it was helpful.

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