How to Apply a Watermark or Transparency in CorelDraw

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How to add watermark in coreldraw, having a watermark on your CORELDRAW design such as a letterhead design brings out the beauty of your work. I’m quite sure that you love it seeing it on a friend’s design work and wishes to do same to your own design work.

On the other hand, in CorelDraw we see it as transparency design. You will get to know the procedures on how to setup watermark (transparent) style on your CorelDraw design work.

We’re very sure that after you finish reading this article, you will have all the necessary knowledge about applying the transparent (watermark) design on your work.



  1. What is Transparent (Watermark)
  2. How to Apply a Transparency or Watermark in CorelDraw
  3. How to Remove Transparent (Watermark)


What is Watermark (Transparency)

A transparency or watermark design is a stylish form of identifying pictures or text on a CorelDraw work, which appears in a lighter or darker form on the body of a printed work in order to attain its authenticity.


How to Apply a Transparency or Watermark in CorelDraw

1. Load your CorelDraw

2. Click on TEXT tool to type in the word you want to use for transparent. e.g. TECHPROF. (You can still use your preferred TEXT if you like).

3. Select the typed TEXT (e.g. TECHPROF). If selected properly, it will look like this below with a square sign all over the text.

4. On the Toolbar, located the Interactive Blend Tool and Click on the Pointed Arrow on it (a list of drop-down tool appears). Click on Interactive Transparency Tool

6. At the top of your CorelDraw window (at the formatting bar), Click on NONE (to select the transparency type, a drop-down commands will appear

7. Choose UNIFORM (the default transparency number is 50, so you can as well lighting it more by        increasing the number above or darken it by reducing the number below). The higher you increase the number, the lighter your text become and lower you reduce the number, the darker your text become.

How to Remove Transparent (Watermark)

Before you can deactivate this function of transparency which you’ve applied on a text. Follow these steps below.

1. Select the transparent TEXT

2. Go back to Interactive Blend Tool

3. Click on the pointed arrow on it

4. Click the Interactive Transparent Tool

5. Click on Clear Transparency. See diagram below

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The word transparent or watermark means the same thing so don’t be confused about the two words. In CorelDraw, we call it TRANSPARENCY, while in WORD PROCESSING PACKAGES like Microsoft Word, we call it WATERMARK.



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